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  1. Hello Pricing Strategies Kelowna Canada,

    I recently ran a search on your business, and noticed it currently has very few customer reviews on sites such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Citysearch, etc. Here is a link that shows you how your business shows up when a potential customer searches for your reviews: http://google.com/search?q=Pricing+Strategies+Kelowna+Canada+Kelowna%2c+BC+reviews

    Did you know 86% of consumers use online reviews as part of their buying process, and if you have NO RATINGS only 2% of consumers would be likely to do business with you. You could be losing customers to a competitor who has great reviews.

    At ReviewInc ( http://reviewincus.com ), our software makes it easy, affordable and effective to use real reviews to grow your business through over 90 review sites we work with.

    Give me a call for a quick demo and I’d be happy to show you how it works.

    Kind Regards,

    Nick L.
    Account Executive, ReviewInc
    Direct Line: (818) 691-1236

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