At the Feet of the Giants – Pricing Workshop

What would it be worth to you if I could teach you to improve profits by 10% starting tomorrow?

What would it be worth to you be the price leader instead of the price loser in your market?

Is it worth 4 hours of your undivided attention?

In my workshop I can show you how the giants of industry manage their price and profits.

My name is Andrew Gregson and I believe passionately that 99% of business owners lose profits and market share because they don’t have a good pricing strategy.

In 2008 Self Counsel Press published my book – Pricing Strategies for Small Business. The book is now available in Europe, India, Russia and the United States. The purpose of the book was to make available to the owners of small companies, pricing techniques used by sophisticated and large companies to improve their bottom line. Since that time I have discovered that the focus after the past 7 years of terrible economic times is still on cost cutting and growing sales at whatever cost, ignoring a truly powerful business tool. I believe that finding the time to experiment with pricing is almost always too much for business owners struggling with sales, staff, regulations and taxes.

The question most asked of me when I have given speeches on pricing is how to price their product or service.  So I have developed  a simple half day workshop that spells out the techniques. Attendees will leave with the tools to develop a pricing strategy and implement it within a few days.

The steps in this workshop format are:

  1. know your competitor pricing. What do your competitors charge for the identical or near identical product or service? You need to know this because your industry is always in the grip of its dumbest competitor.
  2. define your USP. Your USP is a sentence or phrase that explains what makes you special. It gives your prospective customers a reason to do business with you rather than your competitors.
  3. know your customer. Are you marketing diapers to teenagers? and other mistakes.
  4. price and demand relationships. Is it time to close your spa shop because everyone has one?
  5. the marketing environment. Is your product hot or cold?


Contact Andrew for your next workshop:

Andrew D. Gregson B.A., M.A. M.Sc.(Econ)
Kelowna, BC, Canada
cell: (250) 859-0752

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