We manufacture professional audio adapters for cameras and sell them to pro audio and video dealers around the world. We have been in business for over 15 years now and while we have always been successful and profitable, we wanted to leverage our brand into new markets and expand the business. We needed some outside expertise so we contacted our accountant to see if they had anyone they could recommend. They referred us to Floodlight and we set up an introductory meeting to see what they could do for us. After the first meeting, I could immediately understand the expertise they could bring to our business.

We set up weekly meetings and began a process to assess our strengths and weaknesses. They got to work immediately in preparing a business plan which we had never done.  They also helped in our marketing efforts for many of the new products that we were about to launch at a large trade show that we were preparing for. Their efforts were hugely successful in bringing in both existing and new Dealers to our booth at the show. The result was not only increased sales but also in signing up several new international Dealers.

Floodlight then found the resources to bring in whatever expertise that we needed to strengthen our business. What impressed me was the quality of the people they found that were quickly and efficiently able to get the job done.  With the help of these experts, we are greatly improving our Social Media marketing which is vital in today’s competitive market.

I would highly recommend Floodlight to help any business with their operation and marketing efforts and become more successful in whatever they do.

Harry Kaufmann, President. Beachtek Inc. Kelowna

I would like to drop you a note to say thanks for all the help you have given me. When I first met you I was a wreck and you calmed me down and you extracted the facts and with that the stress as well. Like the old saying goes “its easy if you know how”. Once I knew how to work with the pricing and the cash flow statements and especially how easily and simply you made that scary Excel program come alive as a tool for me I knew I was working with the right fellow.

I had no idea how easy it was to get my business turned into a system and once the fog of not knowing what I needed to know became clear to that’s all I need to know, my stress level vanished.

My confidence in running my own business has skyrocketed to a new level of confidence and I no longer feel like I am sitting in an Advanced Math class worried about the next Exam. Thanks again for your help through these trying times and making not only my life easier and the stress I take home to the family less.

Joe Wadden / Wadden Hearing Clinic


When we first met Pricing Strategies we were floundering in a financial quagmire, not knowing which way to turn or who to call on for help.

We had approached one financial institution after another in an attempt to secure debt amalgamation but we were refused.

Pricing Strategies has extensive back ground in financial and business matters.  Upon meeting with Pricing Strategies we immediately felt at ease with their approachable and helpful manner.

Although we met with them several times, they never once made us feel ill at ease regarding our financial situation.  They showed empathy and were very pragmatic in outlining a financial path for our consideration.

We feel very comfortable in recommending Andrew Gregson to anyone who is seeking sound, well thought-out, financial and business advice.

Neil and Sandra 

Neil and Sandra Butler / Butler’s Distributing


Thank you for the engaging presentation – not many people can make you laugh that early!  The group appreciated your time and effort to attend and the valuable tips.

Alexis Welsh, Penticton Community Futures


Andrew, you have a great presentation and let’s face it, a message that most small businesses can use. Thanks for coming to us.  We entrepreneurs and small business folks need all the help we can get.  We are each other’s board of directors and it sure works for me.

Pat Evans / Mortgage Consultant www.mortgagesinbc.com


What would you say was the MOST valuable part of the workshop?

“breaking down margins, costs, and profits and how to modify the numbers to help with your bottom line.”

Would you recommend this workshop to anyone else?


What was your overall feeling about the workshop?

“Excellent resource for all business owners.”

What would you say was the least valuable part of the workshop?

“I feel it was all valuable and tied in very nicely.”

“I thought that a talk on pricing
would be a real snooze-fest. So I grabbed extra coffee. But now I am all
excited!”  Sylvia – Brilliant Smiles,   Kelowna.

“Andrew could have talked for 2 more hours, it was that  interesting! And you could see by the good questioons that people were listening – at 7 o’clock in the morning” Tanis, Coldwell Banker, Kelowna



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